I like drinking! And who doesn't! But I also don't like long walks from the bar to the closest subway station.

Well the good people at Thrillist put together a NYC Subway map that show's the closest bar to each subway station on each line.

ERMAhGRED this is awesome! (They should bring back the H train, then all the letters would be there)

Right across the street from Q1043, which sits on top of the A/C/E lines at Canal Street, is Nancy's Whiskey Pub, a place frequented by the DJs here. Across the street from the 4/5/6/N/R at 59th Street is the aptly named Subway Bar.

Of course, a few of our favorites are missing, but it's probably a matter of meters. Nancy's is literally next to the exit for the station, while the Tribeca Tavern is across the street from the stairs. The Patriot is next door to the bar that is next to the subway entrance at Chambers Street.

But this is NYC after all. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting several bars. (Ok PETA, I'll find a new expression. You can't swing a dead PETA representative without hitting a bar?)

Check it out at Thrillist.