No gold watch for Derek Jeter! One Queens strip club has something way better to celebrate his retirement.

After all, what do you give the man that couldn't possibly need anything else, because he has it all already?

The Show Palace in Long Island City is honoring the Yankee captain on the same day that the team will honor him. On September 7th, all Yankees employees will be treated to free admission and 2 free lap dances.

And if Jeter shows up, The Huffington Post reports that he "gets unlimited lap dances and food and a lifetime free-entry pass to Show Palace as a thank you for his years of service as a New York Yankee."

What a deal!

But wait! That's not all!

Rick's Cabaret in Manhattan wants to help pitcher Masahiro Tanaka rehab his injured elbow.

From their official press release:

“I love Tanaka,” proclaimed Emma, a busty blonde beauty who dances at the famous Rick’s Cabaret gentlemen’s club in New York City. “He is the Yankees only hope and we need him to get well soon.”

“I’m his biggest fan and I will help him with his rehab,” promised the sexy stripper. “A lot of the Rick’s Cabaret Girls are big Yankee fans too–maybe he can rehab here at the club. I know we can make him feel much better, haha!”

Well there you have it. It's official. Strippers love the Yankess!