I just learned that there is a french fry museum! Well, technically that's not correct. It's not a French fry since the museum is located in Bruege, Belgium. A Belgian pomme? Pomme Frites? Frites du Belges? Wait, I got it: Freedom Fries! USA USA USA!

The museum looks pretty incredible. It's located in a medieval castle built in 1399, spans 2 floors, and celebrates all kinds of fried potatoes.

I wonder where the poutine wing of the museum is located

Now if I can find some cheap flights to the land of chocolate and waffles, I'm there!!

But a little closer to home, there's a distillery in Iowa that is feeding pigs whiskey making scraps in order to create the first whiskey infused bacon. I've had bacon infused vodka, and liked it a lot, so I'm looking forward to this!

Iowa is a quicker trip and is also the home to fried butter, so I'm a bit torn for my summer plans.

Carbs or no carbs, that is the question!