If you couldn't sell your apartment and had an extra $30,000 burning a hole in your pocket, what would you do with it? Build a 1980s style arcade of course!

Chris Kooluris had it all. A great job in public relations, an apartment in Murray Hill, and a fiancee. But it all started to go down hill when he decided to move in with her.

They were engaged and he decided to sell the apartment. But in this market it wouldn't sell. Then he started to feel the pressures of cohabitating. And finally he read a book about 1980s arcade culture. It was that final point that pushed his life in new a direction.

He decided to sink his savings into turning his old bedroom into an arcade. At first his financee was supportive, but as the project consumed his life, his love life took a nose dive.

The apartment looks great, by the way! But she left him. So now Chris shares his twin sized futon with himself and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets.

A cautionary tale to say the least. Maybe someone should have told him how gamers and females are like oil and water.

Now he can spend his days working on his high score. Which is the only scoring I suppose he'll be achieving these days.