Captain America: The Winter Solider is in theaters today. (Read the review here)

The people at Business Insider took the opportunity on this occasion to calculate the costs of becoming Captain America. Ummm I hope you have the budget of a small nation, or at least a movie star's bank account.

The total cost: nearly $55 million dollars. And that takes into account inflation.

The shield is the most expensive part, costing $54,431,100. According to Marvel, 1 gram of the material from which his shield is made from, vibranium, costs $10,000. And his shield weighs 12 pounds. (Nice mixing of metric and imperial measurements - because Freedom isn't divisible by 10!!)

The rest of his stuff: the uniform, the motorcycle, his supermarket shopping cart, etc, bring the cost up to $54,609,201.60. With inflation, that's $54,977,922.05.

So let's think about this for a minute:

$54,609,201.60 minus $54,431,100 equals $178,101.60, or factoring inflation, $368,720.40.

Meaning since World War II, the cost of Captain America's shield has not gone up in value at all in 70 years.

Clearly vibranium isn't a good investment. Now sliver, gold, platinum. Now THOSE are the money metals!!

I need to get on the phone with my accountant. "Morty! Pull all my money out of vibranium!!! Sell, sell, sell!!!"