The final two contestants for the title of Q104.3’s Hottest Mom contest stopped by the studio to tell their voters a little about themselves and why they deserve to win this contest which includes a $5,000 grand prize!

Sera G is the final contestant in the over 35 category and Jess M in the under 35 category.  The two moms are both raised and currently living in New Jersey.

Sera is a mother of 5 kids, 4 Girls and a boy all ranging between the ages of 6 – 15!  She told Jim that she stays in shape by going to the gym and is a cardio freak.  Her daughter told her to enter the contest just for fun and now she is fighting for the top spot!  Sera wanted to tell listeners that they should vote for her because she is a rocker mom and she has five kids who she would like to give the money to if she wins.

Jess also has a very young daughter who is only 15-months-old-named Quinn!  Along with raising her daughter she is also a full time student for acupuncture in Montclair.  The young mom grew up in Livingston and just moved to a new home in Roseland New Jersey.  Jess says that she should win because she’s been rocking out to Q104.3 for years with her dad and is now raising her daughter on the station as well saying that they live in a Rock n Roll home!  Jess’s husband is the one who suggested that she entered the contest and hopes that if she wins her and her husband can use the money to get a new roof and build a room for their daughter.

Check out the photos and video from the interview for more!  Also, don’t forget to vote for Q104.3’s Hottest Mom!  Will it be Sera or Jess?

Video Interview


In-Studio Photos

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