As it turns out, the harbor around La Guardia airport is not international waters and therefore subject to laws like no drinking and driving. Or in this case, drinking and sailing.

An Andover, NJ boat captain and his buddy were hanging out on his boat, doing what you'd normally do on a boat, you know, drinking, when they came up with a brilliant idea:

Let's find a woman and have a threesome with her on the boat. I mean after all if women are turned on by a big, fast sports car, then they have to be down for pretty much anything if we show up with a 28 foot speed boat.

So they went about finding a woman at the boat club in near by College Point and then they took off for open waters.

Ay matey, it wasn't too long before their 3 hour tour, 3 hour romp, ended with the boat crashing into the pier on the end of the airport runway.

And embarrassing at that might be for Captain Craig Gallo (and his girlfriend who was not involved in this, whoopsie), it's even more embarrassing for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who's crack security system didn't detect the boat entering the "secure" waters around the airport.

The captain will be losing his license to drive and to boat for boating under the influence.

This is what you get for trying to act out the Red Neck Yacht Club in NYC.