A man is Bristol, England is getting his revenge on a British internet scammer: by texting the complete works of Shakespeare to the con man.

Edd Joseph wanted to save some money on buying a Playstation 3 by turning to the British version of Craigslist. But he has apparently never heard of the scams that can take place when buying from such sites.

You know them well. Someone tries to buy an iPad for like 1/2 the price and ends up with a box wood. Or the guy who tried to buy an X-Box and ended up with a photo of one.

That's why Craigslist posts "Way To Avoid Being Scammed" on the site.

So Edd getting nothing after wiring money isn't a surprise to me.

But how he took his revenge out is a bit of one.

Like me, Edd has a smart phone and an unlimited text plan. So he decided to get creative: by texting every Shakespeare play to the guy. 160 characters at a time.

He figures it will take 29,305 text messages in total. So far he's sent 22 plays, in just over 17,000 texts.

So the lesson here: Buy electronics in reputable stores. Wait...never mind.