I thought the biggest event in sports is the Big Game. It's got the word Big in it. Some might say it's pretty Super too.

Now I find out that the Super Bowl isn't the biggest game in sports. Turns out it's the World Cup. And something like 9 times the audience watches those games, which for some reason they call Football. That's not football. Football is played by men. Men who score. Have you ever heard of a tie game in football? Exactly!

Well I would like to dispute this infographic.

909 Million viewers watch the World Cup. Maybe so, but how many are communists? 111 Million watch the Super Bowl. And let's not forget the Half Time Show. Where's the half time show for the World Cup? Exactly!

And how about the commercials? Advertisers will buy out the entire game months in advance and they can't wait to spend $3 million or more for just 30 seconds. Can you even name one memorable commercial from the World Cup? Exactly!

Enjoy your weird sounding horns and prognosticating animals. I'm waiting for October where the world comes together for the World Series. Of course, the world here is the whole of the United States and occasionally Canada. But that's all that matters, right?