I apologize ahead of time on this one.  I hate feeling like I am up on a soap box and ranting.  But I'm just angry about this one and just feel the need to put this one out there.

     There is a rapidly growing list of big box stores opening on Thanksgiving night to get a jump start on the holiday shopping season.  There is no need for me to run down some big list, and it IS a rather large list now, of all the stores who are now going to open at some point on Thanksgiving night.  You've heard who it is over the last several years and have probably heard the new players in this, in my opinion, shameful game.

     Full disclosure, I am not a shopper.  It's something  I do very little of and only when I feel I have to.  I respect those of you who live for it and love it.   That's the way the world works......you do your stuff and I do mine.  Had to say that up front here cause I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this. 

     Here is my problem:  Why do we have to open all these stores on Thanksgiving night?  Why do we have to have families not spend a big time holiday together because they have to end the day early and go to their jobs?  I'm old shcool here, I like the idea of everybody hanging out in a tryptophan haze and watching football and going a couple of pieces over the line on some pie. 

     I KNOW you're going to tell me that I'm over romanticizing the day and maybe I AM old school and guilty of that BUT......some of us really DO love the day and I for one love being with familly and friends and we manage to be able to deal with each other for 7 or 8 hours without showing up in the front page headlines of The New York Post for Black Friday.  And yes it's true I've had to work almost every Thanksgiving of my adult life.  Listen, I knew what I was getting into when I got into this biz so I always accepted responsibility for that just the way doctors, cops, firefighters etc do.  But that's NOT what I'm taling about here.

     Every year we add in more BIG STORES who will open in the evening.  Where are we going from here?  Let's just make it an optional day and cancel the parade?  What's there at one of these stores that won't be there at 5 or 6 in the morning on Black Friday?  Does it really make that much of a difference? Do we have to get up and get aunt Judy a new comforter on Thanksgiving night instead of 6 the next morning?

     So I know it doesn't mean much for me to tell you that I am not a shopper by nature and then tell you that I just refuse to be in a store on Thanksgiving night.  It's not much of a sacrifice for me I know. BUT, what if noboy showed up?  Nothing like paying all these people to leave the dinner table early and leave their families and friends to go and stand behind a counter and do nothing.  Well, if the men and women who go over the numbers see that it's not worth it for them to open the stores on Thanksgiving night, then the stores won't open. 

     I think that would be a beautiufl thing.  The stores open, and nobody is there on Thanksgiving night.  Listen, I'm not some commie bastard trying to wreck havoc on our economy.  I want all our stores to succeed and everyone to do well....just NOT ON THANKSGIVING!!!

     I'm a sucker for tradtion and I feel like the traditon of Thanksgiving is being erroded by greed.  That's it.  In a chestnut shell.  Pass some pie please!!