The Seven Worst Break-Up Lines:


This is just one columnist's opinion . . . not the results of a survey or anything . . . but supposedly these are the seven worst break-up lines.  And it's hard to argue with the choices . . .



#1.)  "It's not you . . . It's me."


#2.)  "I'm moving . . . so we should break up."


#3.)  "This was incredible . . . but I'm not ready for a relationship yet."


#4.)  "I'm not attracted to you anymore."


#5.)  "I need my own space."


#6.)  "I can't see you anymore, because I think your sister is hotter."  (???)


#7.)  "I can't do this anymore."







You Need a Bachelor's Degree to Be a Cashier at McDonald's?


A McDonald's in Massachusetts just put up an ad for cashiers . . . and they're requiring applicants to have a BACHELOR'S DEGREE.  That's right:  In this job market, McDonald's can be so picky with its hiring that they want COLLEGE GRADUATES working their registers for minimum wage.  This isn't necessarily a corporate-wide mandate . . . but it's a SCARY sign of the times.









Dunkin' Donuts is Officially Testing a Breakfast Sandwich That Uses a Donut Instead of a Bun:


We've seen sandwiches that use DONUTS AS BUNS before . . . but not from a national chain.  Dunkin' Donuts has officially started testing a new breakfast sandwich that has bacon and eggs on a GLAZED DONUT.  For now it's only at some stores in Massachusetts . . . there's no word on if or when it could go nationwide.








A New Jersey Politician Was Tricked Into Giving a Presentation on "Blue Waffle Disease" . . . a Fake STD That Turns Women's Lady Parts Blue:



On Tuesday, someone called a city councilwoman in Trenton, New Jersey to tell her about BLUE WAFFLE DISEASE.  That's an urban legend about a disease that covers women's LADY PARTS in horrible BLUE scabs.  But the councilwoman didn't know it was fake and didn't bother to Google it . . . so she presented about it at a city council meeting and just quoted the stats the guy had told her.  Ouch.