Stupid Photo of the Day: A Man Claims Jesus Appeared on His Car Windshield . . . in a Bird Poop Stain

People spot JESUS everywhere . . . in water stains, pizza boxes, whatever.  It's absurd, but it doesn't seem offensive or blasphemous.  THIS one kinda does.
In Brooklyn, Ohio, a man named Jim Lawry says Jesus has appeared on his car windshield . . . in a BIRD POOP STAIN.
The photo is online.  At first glance, we thought it looked more like a dog's head than Jesus . . . but when you study it, you CAN see where Jim's coming from. 

It's More Disruptive When Women Argue in the Office Than Men

According to a survey by the University of British Columbia, the most disruptive type of conflict at the office is . . . a CATFIGHT.    
People said that an argument between two female managers was more negative than an argument between two guys . . . or between a man and a woman.  
An all-girl fight was MOST harmful to company morale . . . and to group morale . . . and people said that two women were the LEAST likely to be able to get past the fight and repair their relationship.
The researchers didn't know WHY women arguing was seen as so much worse . . . but they pointed out that there's no word like "catfight" to describe an argument between men.
Concern over women managers acting catty might even affect a woman's ability to get promoted . . . since companies may not want to risk putting two women in a position where they might argue.

A Lawyer Spent Four Hours Trapped in Jail When They Forgot He Was Visiting His Client

Erubey Lopez is a 30-year-old immigration lawyer in San Diego.  And last Tuesday, he went to the San Diego County Jail to visit his client.    
Officials took Erubey to a visiting room and locked him in, then went to get his client.  Or at least that's what he THOUGHT was going to happen.  Instead, Erubey waited in the locked room . . . and no one ever came back.  Apparently, the jail forgot he was in there. 
The room had an intercom system, but when he tried it, it didn't work.  And visitors aren't allowed to have cell phones . . . so Erubey had no way to remind anyone he was in there.
After about an hour, Erubey began pounding on the door and screaming . . . but it took THREE more hours of that before a guard heard him and let him out.    
The jail apologized to Erubey . . . but he's still upset and considering a lawsuit, because if he'd had a medical problem, he could have died.