If You Have a Ridiculous First Name, You're Probably a Democrat? 
And you're also more likely to be a Democrat if your name is "Chesty," "Rambo," "Bubbles," "Oprah," "Cookie," "Baby," "Earth," "Liberal," "Winter," "Spring," "Summer," "Fall," or "Autumn."
(You can look up your name's stats at claritycampaigns.com/names.)


A Guy Wore the Cologne His Wife Gave Him For Christmas . . . And it Caused a Cat to Attack Him and Send Him to the Hospital?


I'm not sure what Hugo Boss's 'Bottled Night' cologne smells like . . . but this is NOT a good endorsement.





A Woman Takes Out a Newspaper Ad Congratulating Her Husband on His New Baby . . . That He's Expecting With His Mistress


There's a great ad from a newspaper in east Texas circulating right now. 






A Man Dressed as Barbie Is Arrested For Trying to Assault a Woman in a Bathroom


Our " BONEHEAD Of The Day "





17 Random Things That Can Make You Happy


NUMBER 1 is the best !