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A Led Zeppelin reunion in 2014 is looking a little less likely.  While frontman Robert Plant has implied that he, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones might team up again next year, Jones is telling "Red Carpet News TV" he won't be available. 

The rocker is taking his talents in a new direction, and says as things currently stand his 2014 will be "full of opera."  Jones explains that he's writing an opera based on Swedish dramatist August Strindberg's three-act play "The Ghost Sonata."  He says he's really just getting started, and is only halfway through the first act. 

Jones admits the sheer scale of it makes composing an opera a daunting task, and he suspects he's probably about to find out what the specific challenges are to the project.  John Paul adds that it's leaving him little time for anything else.  He explains that right now he's really only able to play "little gigs" that don't require a lot of prep work. 

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