The otherworldly Gwar have been a longtime staple on the rock circuit, as well as being hometown heroes for their native Richmond, VA - going as far as throwing an annual "Gwar BQ" at a local lake.

Sadly, their singer and founder Dave Brockie, known to the rest of the world as Oderus Urungus, passed away earlier this year. Think that would stop them? OF COURSE NOT!

Instead of canceling the anticipated event in the wake of his death, the band and local promoters turned the two-day concert into a memorial for their leader - literally setting his costume aflame during their version of a Viking Funeral.

Among the acts who performed were Ice T and Body Count, The Misfits, Hatebreed, Iron Reagan and Goatwhore (naturally!).

Check out this video shot by an attendee, as well as these awesome pics posted by fans who came through to salute their favorite scumdog.