Riddle me this: How is it that I go into the supermarket to buy one or two things, and come out with an empty wallet and a full shopping cart?

Yesterday, after a very nice meal at one of the local establishments in my neighborhood, I decided I'd pick up a few things at the store. Some half & half, a dozen eggs for the weekend, horseradish for the Bloody Marys that I'll be making myself on Sunday.

But no sooner than entering, I found myself waltzing down the produce aisles, picking out bunches of asparagus, squeezing avocados, tapping heads of cauliflower. Did you know that cauliflower in French is chou-fleur?

Then it was off to the deli counter and cheese monger display.

"You know, I need more hot sauces."

"Oooooo fresh ground coffee."

So many egg choices: white, brown, organic, cage free, Omega 3s added. They even sell hard boiled with the shells already removed. Gotta grab those. Think of the time saved by not having to boil and de-shell them.

Next thing I know, I'm $80 poorer and lugging several plastic bags in my arms.

They say you should never shop on an empty stomach. Well, the opposite isn't any better apparently.

Come to think of it, I never did pick up that horseradish...