Tom Green stopped through to chat with Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein. Tom is considering leaving his phone behind, he's made it a part of his standup to make fun of social media and how we all seem to be addicted to it.

"I just feel we are tethered to these things now. We can't stop using them and because everyone else is tethered to them, everyone else is stuck on their phones all day. That were just sort of stuck in this loop, right? We're never going to be able to get rid of our cellphones. I literally was considering just getting rid of the cellphone but clearly I'm an addict."

He went on to say that he encourages people to unplug for an hour. "I think we are just losing our ability to be in the moment, to enjoy the moment. We have to be documenting it so we can look at it again later but then we actually aren't enjoying it while it's actually happening."

Tom is performing all weekend at Carolines On Broadway.

Friday – 8pm, 10:30pm
Saturday – 8pm, 10:30pm
Sunday – 8pm