Jim Kerr met up with the Brew Dogs, James Watt and Martin Dickie to Chat about "their job traveling around the United States having fun with beer and [then] find[ing] their exploits televised on a brand new television network."

"It seems like a genie or somebody granted you a wish," Kerr said.

The Brew Dogs set up their company in Scotland in 2007. They've gone on to not only making the world's strongest beer, "but drove through London in a tank to launch beers, we've hired a midget to campaign outside the houses of parliament, trajected ourselves naked onto Westminster at 60 ft high, we've made beer on the bottom of the bottom of the ocean...so we're definitely challenging peoples perception of what beer is and how it can be enjoyed," Watt said.

Dickie and Watt are the owners of the UK's fastest-growing brewery.

"When we started the brewery we got a little loan from the bank, we got some second hand equipment we set up in an old shed," Dickie said, "we started making beer, beer that we wanted to drink which wasn't available in Scotland at that time."

The Dogs are not only having fun with their beer, but "we're on a mission to make other people as passionate about fantastic beer as we are, Watt said. Check out the full interview below.