Jim Kerr sat down with Joe Morris and Joe Klecko to talk football and coffee. Morris, a former Giant and Klecko, a former Jet, had long careers with the New York teams, but they both ended their football careers with other teams.

"For me it was terrible in a way, because, you know, you spend your whole career and you develop that rapport with the guys from your original team, and then you go to another team to create something that you were, like a leader. I was a leader on the Jets, [and] you go to a different team – I went to the Colts, and it’s not the same, and really the point of it is, that’s why I retired, it’s not the same brotherhood you had with your original team," Klecko said.

The former football stars stopped by to promote Martinson Coffee, which was known as the first "cup of Joe."

"Joe and I are out promoting Martinson coffee today, the real cup," Klecko said. "Martinson coffee has basically been around for about 100 years, and Joe Martinson basically branded the real ‘cup of Joe,’ and there’s no two better Joe’s in New York they figured than Joe and I to go out and promote this thing."