David Crosby stopped by Q104.3 to discuss his new solo album, Croz, which happens to be only his fourth such album in 50 years of making music.

David seemed very confident in this album, his older son James Raymond produced it for him. He put together a whole new show around it. "We're going to do something very risky which may result in me actually running away and hiding in Madagascar. What we're doing is that we are doing the record on the first set, which is risky, they're not going to hear the old stuff." Jim Kerr mentioned that there is an intermission and while laughing David went on to say "Then I play my hit." He jokes that he never had these singles but he has some songs that people know. "The second set just rocks, it goes quite a few places."

Check out the full interview below!

Croz is now available on CD, iTunes and hi-res HD. Vinyl Coming Feb. 11