An epic zombie thriller. Could well be the best movie of the summer.

Is this the ultimate zombie movie?? No. But it’s a terrifying nail biter that’ll have you gripping your seat about 5 minutes in and for the rest of the ride. Though Brad Pitt is the only major star (with Matthew Fox making a brief appearance), this one has summer blockbuster written all over it.

Brad Pitt is retired U.N. field hotshot (in this film the U.N. actually DOES some good) who’s now happy as a lark being a stay-at-home dad to his two adorable daughters, doting on his equally stunning wife. Their charmed life comes to a crashing (literally) end when the whole world is upended by a stunningly fast moving zombie virus. People turn seconds after being bitten. Unlike the George Romero zombies of old school days, these CGI’ers are more of the Danny Boyle “28 Days Later” school- horrifyingly fast and fierce.

The 3-D is unnecessary. My only other complaint: it’s just ridiculously convenient that our hero’s plane crash-lands within walking distance of a World Health Organization facility where he might find a way to come up with a vaccine to cure the zombie virus.

This is not a gorgy but take the PG-13 rating for real. This is the stuff of which nightmares are made. It’s not for the little ones. But you don’t have to be a zombie freak like me to me mesmerized by this thriller. I left wanting more and the door is wide open for a sequel. Yea!