A ridiculously dumbed-down version of “Olympus Has Fallen”.

This makes “Olympus Has Fallen” look like a masterpiece. Not that “Olympus Has Fallen” was a bad movie, I liked it, especially the opening horrifying sequence of the Koreans taking the White House in an amazingly quick flash of time. I ask why on earth do we need two White House downers a mere 3 months apart?

This time, instead of Secret Service agent Gerard Butler saving a president played by Aaron Eckhart, it’s the stunningly buff secret service wanna-be’er Channing Tatum saving Jamie Foxx. Oh- and Tatum gets a lot of help from his 11 year old daughter, played by Joey King, who will have you scared senseless in the upcoming  film “The Conjuring”, a much better film I should add.

There’s plenty of action, actually overboard, though blessedly, we don’t have to endure 3-D glasses this time. This time we have to endure an increasingly preposterous plot, bordering on parody. If that’s not grating enough, comedy is thrown in. Terrible mix. There’s nothing funny about the White House falling to terrorists, whether they’re Korean or in this case, a mash-up of disgruntled vets, politicians and caricatures of right wingers.

Oh- and it goes on wayyyyy too long.  2 hours and 10 minutes of dumb action. What a disappointment from director Roland Emmerich. This is no “Independence Day” and no “The Day After Tomorrow”.

But if mindless action is what you’re jonesing for, go for it.

1-and-a-half stars