Jennifer Aniston hooks up with her “Horrible Bosses” c-star Jason Sudeikis in a road tripper that has more laughs than plausibility.

O.K. You’ve seen the trailer with Jennifer Aniston doing her stripper thing. No – she doesn’t show much more than that. She’s a stripper that could have ended up on “Friends”. It’s very tame. That question answered, the only other important question : “is it funny??”. I give you a resounding YES. There are definitely enough laughs to keep you happy , amused and not ticked off at having paid to see it in theaters. Just be aware: this one is not rooted in reality. Not for one second.

Jason Sudeikis, who proves he is def leading man material, plays a small-time pot dealer who gets himself into a situation where he’s forced to become a major drug smuggler to pay off a debt. He pulls it off by forming a faux middle class family traveling in an rv . in his faux fam: a neighbor/stripper who can’t pay her rent; a punk homeless girl (Emma Roberts in her best role yet) and an all-too honest dweeb (Will Poulter, who will steal your heart).

The story line is unbelievable but the raunchy laughs are ridiculously funny at times. Sudeikis is the master of one-liners and his pairing with Aniston is pitch perfect. This is her best since her last meeting with Sudeikis in “Horrible Bosses”.

I gotta say, I laughed my ass off. It makes no sense but hey, it’s funny!!!