Think “Shaun Of The Dead” meets “The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers”

In the 3rd movie reuniting director Edgar Wright with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, you get two movies in one: a drinking buddy movie becomes an apocalyptic comedy. Unfortunately , it’s not up to either“Shaun Of The Dead” or “Hot Fuzz”. I came in with expectations and it ended up being like bad sex. You know what they say about bad sex.

20 years after an epic pub crawl, a group of friends reunite to repeat history. Simon Pegg’s Gary King is stuck in the past. He’s convinced the high school graduation pub crawl was the highlight of his life, which is why he wants to repeat it with his old buds, who have all gone on to lead pretty much normal, productive lives. Pegg’s King is like the now-grown-up high school football quarterback who thinks his high school years were the best years of his life. It was all down hill from there.

The group quickly learns, as the saying goes, you can’t go home again. But not for the reasons you think. They see some of the same people they knew 20 years ago, except they’re not quite right. It turns out their bodies have been taken over by aliens . They’re robotic versions of themselves , who bleed blue goo.

Yes, add this to the summer of apocalyptic movies: “After Earth”; “World War Z”; “Oblivion”; “Warm Bodies”; “Pacific Rim”; “This Is The End” and “Elysium”. Of the three comedies, I have to say this comes in 3rd, with “This Is The End” leading the list.

There are laughs but this is no “Shaun Of The Dead”. It’s “Shaun Of The Dead” light. By the way, the young version of Gary King looks nothing like Simon Pegg.