The best super-hero film since “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Hugh Jackman’s 6th appearance as Wolverine is his best yet. Talk about lean and mean. With a ripped body that looks to have 1% body fat, 44 year old Jackman is almost always shirtless . Hey- you would be too if you looked like that!!!

While there’s no shortage of villains, the key villain is in Wolverine’s head. He needs therapy as much as New York City Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner. Haunted by dreams of the love of his life who he killed (a reappearing Famke Janssen), Wolverine is living the life of a hermit, swearing off killing, yearning to be a mere mortal , though his superpowers now include communicating with grizzly bears.

His life changes when a Ninja girl suddenly shows up, luring him to Japan to say his goodbyes to a corporate giant he saved during World War Two. The rest of the action takes place in Japan , where Wolverine gets to show off his chops dueling Samuri swordsmen. Plus a knockout Russian villainous: Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova). She’s the perfect match for Kiss’ Gene Simmons. It’s all in the tongue!!!

There’s sooo much fun action, including a hand-to hand- battle on top of a speeding bullet train. Jackman clearly loves his Wolverine character . This one puts him at the top of his game.

Like the “X-Men” films , women are central to the action. And speaking of “X-Men”, stay for the credits. You won’t be disappointed!!

The minuses: too many villains with such thick accents, it’s sometimes hard to understand them. Don’t waste your money on the 3-D.

This is one of the best films of the summer- don’t miss it. “The Wolverine” won’t have to claw its way to #1. It’s a surefire hit.