Finally a break from the bromancers, two of the funniest women ever are every bit as raunchy as the guys.

“Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig re-teams with the woman who stole that movie and teams her with the much missed Sandra Bullock for a female cop buddy film that’s a 180 degree turn from the usual “Charlie’s Angels” type female coppers.

Sandra Bullock is an annoyingly smug, uptight, efficient and much-disliked FBI agent who is forced to team with tough-as-nails undercover Boston cop Melissa McCarthy to nab a drug dealer. The result: laughs that come so fast and furious, I kept missing the next line.

This one’s just as raunchy as “Bridesmaids” and really, just as much fun. As if McCarthy and Bullock aren’t enough, Jane Curtain as McCarthy’s mom is priceless, though underused. I could have used more curtains and less of the boozy bar scene, a been-there-done-that-way-too-often.

There’s a Melissa McCarthy family scene with Bullock that could easily become an instant classic.

An equal blend of kick-ass action and comedy, this is a franchise-must. See this film!!! Laughs are guaranteed!!

3-and-a-half stars