At least it’s not a THIRD re-hash. Better than 2. Still pales to 1.

Props to director Tod Phillips for not making another easy re-do in this record-setting franchise. That would have been the safe thing to do. Instead, the last of this trilogy takes a 180 degree turn. The wolfpack isn’t off to party this time. In fact, they’re heading for the ultimate un-party: they’re taking Alan (Zach Galifiankas) to rehab to get him back on meds. On the way, they’re kidnapped by an angry gangster, played by John Goodman, who holds Doug hostage , sending the others to hunt down sociopath Mr. Chow, who stole a blowload of gold bullion from the gangster . Justin Bartha (Doug) is making a career of raking in the big bucks in blockbusters that have him barely showing up. Good work if you can get it!

Melissa McCarthy, as always, steals her scenes , this time as a pawnshop owner who falls for the always inappropriate Alan. This movie could have used more Melissa.

You won’t bust a gut laughing at this one. The jokes are more heh-heh . And the outrageousness of the first film is mostly a fond memory, save for a short scene that comes AFTER the movie, during the credits. What’s kinda fun here is the music, which makes several scenes much funnier, but only if you’re in on the joke- if familiar with the mostly classic rock tunes. Another plus: no bulky 3-d glasses!! Yea!!! It gets one star just for that!

Bottom line: it won’t leave you with a “Hangover”.