The movie Smurfs 2 picks up on Smurfette's Birthday which has caused her some anxiety as she keeps having re-occurring nightmares about an event that takes place on that day. The series of events lead them all to Paris where there is an action pack rescue of Smurfette from the evil Gargamel played by Hank Azaria who, by the way, steals the film once more but not as funny as the first film due to the script. This was also the last performance of the late great Jonathan Winters who played papa Smurf.

Not as witty and a bit slower moving than the first Smurf movie but is still lots of fun and has a great message especially for step families. Basically the message is that it's not so important who your blood relatives are but what is most important is who has raised, loved, taken hits for you and cared the most for you growing up and in this film the step fathers win!! Also it's doesn't matter where you came from but it's the choices we make in our life today that matter!!

Daughter Cayley gives it 4 stars (usually she gives these movies 5 stars, so something was obviously lacking to her. We give it 2 and a half. Katy Perry and Christina Ricci and the whole cast is all good!!

Great summer film for the kids and all families!! Quality of 3D is worth the extra cash!!

2 and a Half Stars Kids say 4 stars

Marc Coppola and family for Shelli Sonstein