You don’t have to care about Formula One racing to get a rush from this Ron Howard film.

Two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard helms this big screen recreation of the 70’s rivalry between two Formula One racers: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Both: risk junkies. You don’t have to know a thing about either racer or a thing about racing to get into this. In fact, it may help not to know their stories. I was on the edge of my seat much of the movie and couldn’t begin to guess where it would end up. Plus, it’s a great period piece. The fashion- wow!!!

Chris Hemsworth (best known as Thor) gives the best performance of his career- really- the guy’s not just eye candy but speaking of which, that’s one killer body he shows off barely 5 minutes into the film. He reminds me of a younger Brad Pitt. Hunt is the epitome of hedonism: a party animal and player . Daniel Bruhl positively astounds as control freak Lauda. You won’t be saying who (??) after seeing this. You may be saying Oscar nominee.

This movie focuses on the characters more than the racing , though the racing will have you clutching your armrests. They are absolutely the best action scenes of the year.

Olivia Wilde has very little to do (other than look great) as Hunt’s wife, who leaves him for Richard Burton.

This is not just a great sports movie, it’s a great movie . period. It’s sexy, fun and totally satisfying. Finally, a non-formulaic sports flick. Definitely rush to see “Rush”.