“Planes certainly does a good job of flying right.”

“Planes” is a very fun, animated, and adventurous movie that is the perfect fit for kids of all ages. It offers so much including laughs and a very well thought out underdog story with plenty of heart. In this story it also teaches the kids a lesson that nice guys don’t always finish last.

Dane Cook keeps it PG when doing the voice for Dusty Crophopper who is the main character in the story. Dusty is tired of being a plane that is just a cropduster and believes that he is destined for so much more. He decides that its time to fly with the big planes to prove himself and make it across that finish line.

This is the perfect movie to take the kids and see this summer. It is a movie that has a good storyline, plenty of heart and a good life lesson that the kids are able to learn from. It most certainly shows that Disney is still making some solid movies and the movies are still worth going to see. Many kids’ movies really have no point to them at all however “Planes” has plenty to offer with the plot and the characters. I would say take a chance and spend the money on a great show for the family. Don’t worry about the length of the movie its only an hour and a half! Also I wouldn’t say spend the extra money on the 3D feature but definitely spend a day with the kids and enjoy yourselves.

Megan Benton for Shelli Sonstein