You can not measure courage by size or volume of the roar, but you can measure it by fortitude, integrity, loyalty and faith in yourself and your team. That's the theme of this movie according to my 9 year old daughter Cayley. Who, by the way, gave this a 3 and a half star rating. Now you may think that's great, but if you ask Shelli Sonstein she'd say, "Doesn't your daughter give everything 5 stars? That's 30 percent less, so it must not be all that good!"

We'll yes Shelli it's not as good as the original. it's also a prequel to Monster's Inc. It is still worth seeing for family fun. 3D is solid. The performances of John Goodman and Billy Crystal are as good as the original. It's the story that's weak. We already know from the ending of the first one, that humor and laughing creates more energy than fear and scaring. So when monsters are going to a University to learn how to scare people to create energy, we just don't care as much.

I do want to see where a 3rd installment, that's a real sequel, goes with the humor and laughing concept to creating energy.

Marc Coppola for Shelli Sonstein