Think a “Rosemary’s Baby” comedy

From the creators of “Reno 911” and the writers of “Night At The Musuem”, Tom Lennon and Ben Garant create a horror comedy starring Leslie Bibb and in his first leading role ever, Rob Corddry as expectant parents of twins who buy a haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans, aiming to flip it to make a steal. Living in the crawl space is Keegan-Michael Key as a crazy homeless guy who positively steals the movie. In fact, Lennon and Garant say they wrote the movie as a showcase for him. So on that level, job well done.

This is a very uneven crude, goofy, raunchy gross out comedy that’s part slapstick and part parody. The quips come fast and furious but this one is more of a giggler than a laugh out louder.

No surprise with the set up that the very pregnant Leslie Bibb quickly becomes possessed, smoking and not only drinking wine, but paint thinner. Corddry is her perfect straight man. If only the material was more consistantly funny. Lennon and Garant star as well, as priests sent by the Vatican to exorcise the haunted house.

This is one huge mash-up: not just comedy and horror but gore, nudity while taking shots at yuppies.

So much potential. I hope for more the next time from the great team of Lennon-Garant.