Surprisingly highly entertaining with some of the most creative car chases.

This 12 year old high octane franchise is a guilty pleasure. Sure , it’s soap operay when it comes to story and dialogue but it simply lives up to its name. In fact, this was the most entertaining yet. The favorites are back, even Michelle Rodriguez, even after Letty was seemingly killed off in #5. Dwyane Johnson (the actor formerly known as the Rock) joins the crew, along with ex-MMA’er Gina Carano, who made her film debut in Steven Soderburgh’s 2011 film “Haywire”. Acting wise, this newbie (understandably) is the weakest of the bunch but she packs a powerful punch, quite literally as well as figuratively, when it comes to the story. And what a screen presencse. She reeks strength and confidence.

Fans of this franchise will be completely satisfied by the eye-popping stunts , humor and eye candy. Johnson , in particular stands out, bodywise. How on earth is he so much bigger than any of the other impossibly ripped guys???!!!

I was so entertained, I’m actually looking forward to #7. Yes- it’s already in the works.