Ender's Game, based on the 1985 (then updated in 1991) novel by Orson Scott Card, is a military sci-fi story set on earth, in the future. All of mankind is at risk after two conflicts with an insect like alien species. To solve the dilemma of a possible third invasion, tween children, including Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), are trained to be the new warriors, at a very young age, using incredibly intense video war games, in zero gravity. Here the genius of Ender is revealed. Turns out he’s a regular George Patton at interstellar war fare. Also starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis, the film appears to be a video game, turned into a movie, then turned into a video game. As a non gamer type, I found this to be really well written with a good screenplay, and mind blowing effects, especially in IMAX. Also, unusual to see this in a movie from this genre, a good strong message about the methods of war, and war’s morality. Bring your tween gamers to this!

Jonathan Clarke for Shelli Sonstein