A rom-com that poses the question : can a porn addict find love with a woman addicted to old-school Hollywood romancers?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loses his directorial-writer virginity (though he did write a “short) in this sharply funny, charming and smutty comedy about a “Jersey Shore”-type porn addict who is smitten by a gorgeous, smart woman who also could be a “Jersey Shore” star, who wants a man straight from the silver screen version of romantic love. It’s about about real-life love and lust versus the media versions . And objectifying people.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Don Jon, a label his friends c ame up with because he’s a player who picks up a new hot woman every weekend. The problem is, no real woman ever comes close to what he gets from porn. He’s an old fashioned guy: he loves his family and church . Equally important is making sure his apartment and body are grade-A.

Enter Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson), a beautiful woman on a mission to find a real life version of a Hollywood leading man, even if that means manipulating him to mold him into her ideal.

Tony Danza is hilarious as Don Jon’s dad, who has his own media addiction: NFL games. Danza and Gordon-Levitt are reunited for the first time in 20 years, since “Angels In The Outfield”. Glenne Headly is perfect as his mom, who’s longing for a grandchild. Brie Larson is his mute sister, again with an addiction: her smart phone.

Julianne Moore plays an older woman who ends up changing Don Jon’s life.

Everyone in this film is just fantastic. Some very serious questions are posed with a very light touch. While most characters are satirical, they’re all endearing.

This is not your typical rom-com. It’s smart, sexy and very funny. What more could you want?