An ex-sperm donor finds out he’s dad to 533 children with more than 140 of them suing to learn his identity.

Vince Vaughn shows his sweet side in this surprisingly endearing comedy about an under-achieving but good-hearted middle-aged dude , who finds out his girlfriend is pregnant at the same time he learns he was great at one thing- as a prolific sperm donor . Back in the day to make money, David’s sperm donations resulted in 533 kids . Some 20 years later, 142 are now suing to uncover the identity of their dad. They’re not out for money- they want to know their father. Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn’s David is so irresponsible, his girlfriend isn’t sure she wants him in her life as a dad.

Chris Pratt is very funny as David’s best friend/lawyer and over-burdened young dad.

Based on the Canadian comedy “Starbuck”, this PG-13 indie is set in New York City. It’s a new grown up, sincere best-yet Vince Vaughn. Who would have thought a Vince Vaughn movie would be a warm-hearted-perfect-for-the holidays gem??