We've waited awhile since the original. Soundtrack is great. Paul McCartney's new single, 'New' fits right in. Paul said he saw the first one with the kids and really wanted to be part of the next one. Also Tom Waits has a cool song in it.

This had the widest margin I've seen between adults and kids with giving it a rating. The kid's were laughing and saying "they're so cute!" Adults were like, "weak story, reminds me of 'Veggie Tales' with talking vegetables and stuff. So, right off, we see it's great to take the family to while you catch up on emails (though your not supposed to do that in the theater)..

Performances are solid. Enjoy James Caan as the eyebrow only father of the lead. Anna Faris never disappoints. And Bill Hader and the other 'Saturday Night Live' folks Will Forte and Andy Samberg are great at voicing their characters. Don't know about the 3 D, I saw it in 2 D.

2 Stars but the Kids give it a full 5.