A re-make of the 1976 Sissy Spacek classic that resonates even more in this era of bullying gone wild.

It was one of the classic horror stories close to 40 years ago and it rings even truer today: what bullying begets. This is pretty much true to the original except for the final scene (why did they mess with a classic ender that literally had me jumping out of my seat???). What’s different is the production values, making that prom climax an exquisite pay back.

Chloe Grace Moretz (who so shocked us as the c-word spewing 12 year old in “Kick Ass”) is perfectly cast as the shy, sheltered Carrie. Her religious zealot mom is rawly played by a make-up free messy-haired Julianne Moore, who is scary-great .

I didn’t find this re-make scary, maybe because I well remember the original. But it’s still immensely entertaining and satisfying. A new generation will enjoy.