A gripping thriller based on the real life Somali pirate attack on a U.S. cargo ship.

2-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks should be up fro an Academy award again this year for his latest at-sea mishap (he was nominated for “Castaway” in 2001). In “Castaway”, his companion was a basketball. This time, most of his interaction is with his Somali counterpart- the captain of a pirate ship that commandeers his cargo ship in 2009.

Director Paul Greengrass is just about the best when it comes to helming thrillers based on real-life incidents. His September 11th story “United Flight 93” was up for 2 Oscars- it was my pick for best picture simply because it was such a seat-gripper, even with everyone knowing the ending. The same can be said to for the fast-paced “Captain Phillips”. Especially with the hand-held jerky camera action.

What makes this film so unique is the story is also told from the perspective of the Somali pirates , played by first time Somali actors. Their story alone is tragic.

This one runs over 2 hours but hits like a punch. Tom Hanks just gets better and better. His final scene is astounding.