Shelli clearly missed the marketing blitz for the new Johnny Knoxville movie: Bad Grandpa.

Sure, you probably already know what to expect from the Jackass star, but that doesn't make it any less worth of review.

Screen Junkies has this to say about the movie:

Watching an old man get his penis stuck in a vending machine is just one of the many treasures you’ll witness in the red-band trailer for Bad Grandpa. The unsuspecting public are also forced to witness Johnny Knoxville‘s Irving get his 8-year old grandson Billy sh*t-housed, ruin a funeral, dump a body, freak out some pretty rough-looking strippers, and leave a trail of destruction (and probably bodily fluids) in their wake.

And I read somewhere that Bad Grandpa is expected to be the number 1 movie of the weekend. So take that The Councilor!

Joe Cristiano for Shelli Sonstein