PHOTOS: Steven Tyler In-Studio

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler stops through on the day he will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein were particularly interested in Steven’s song writing.

Steven said, "If you don’t write a song you’re nothing and I remember when we had nothing. I remember the first night that Joe and I wrote Movin’ Out, we all live on the edge of town and when we were done we had written a song. And all I ever said back then was let me get my foot in the door ‘cause once I do if you write one song we already wrote one so let’s keep going."

Shelli Sonstein asked Steven what was the song that came easiest? Steven went on to tell the story as to how “No Surprise” came to be and he seemed to think it was one of the quickest songs that he ever wrote.

Jim Kerr asked if there was ever an occasion where he began to feel time pressure to write more songs. Steven replied, "Always time pressure, always. One of the secrets that we had, actually in the beginning we just put out whatever we wrote, first couple of albums that was it you got what you got. And some of the albums were what eight songs, six to nine songs? Then I learned the secret, over write. Go into the process and write 20 songs and take the best out of that and you’ll have a great album."

Aerosmith has been considered one of if not the best American rock bands of all time and they are still going strong. Check out the full interview with Steven below.

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