(Jen Chung) There's been a lot of objection to next year's NY/NJ Super Bowl—because weather scares football players—but the NFL has a solution if there's a crazy blizzard: Just reschedule the Super Bowl!

Right now, the Super Bowl is planned for Sunday, February 2, 2014. According to the NY Times, "The National Football League has contingency plans for something that has never been done before: move the game up to Saturday or delay it to Monday if forecasts — or an actual storm — made Sunday unplayable." Would this mean another week of a Times Square lockdown?!?

The big game could also be pushed to Tuesday or, the Daily News explains, "If the snowstorm equivalent of Hurricane Sandy paralyzes the metropolitan area, the game could be pushed back until the following weekend, which I’m sure would go over well at NBC, which will be televising the Winter Olympics at the same time."

Perhaps to calm down the scared-of-snow contingent, the NY/NJ Super Bowl host committee showed off technology like a snow melter that will melt 600 tons of snow in an hour.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images