It's been a rough week for hipsters. First, a Public Policy Poll revealed that only 16% of American voters have a favorable view of hipsters. Then an Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn banned its students from wearing hipster glasses.

Okay, so Borough Park’s Bobover Yeshiva B’Nei Zion didn't actually call them hipster glasses, but the glasses they are banning are sometimes referred to as “hipster glasses.” According to the New York Post, the school sent a letter to parents asking that students to no longer wear thick rimmed glasses. Instead they ask that students buy "simple glasses."

Photo: nito/Shutterstock

This comes as Public Policy Polling released its data showing that hipsters aren't looked upon very favorably in America. According to the poll, 42% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion, while 43% aren’t' sure how they feel. Only 10% of voters considered themselves hipsters. So either there is not that many hipsters or people don't want to admit they are a hipster.

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