This may surprise some people, but it's not illegal for a woman to be topless in New York City. This may not seem like one of the bigger issues in the city, but reportedly there are some city police officers that still arrest women for going topless.

Holly Van Voast, a Bronx performance artist and photographer, has brought the issue to attention of the NYPD after she sued the city and the NYPD. Van Voast has been arrested, detained, or issued summonses at least ten times between 2011 and 2012. Van Voast was even taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation once.

According to the New York Times, every complaint against Van Voast has been dropped, because it’s not against the law for a woman to be topless in public. So just in time for summer, the NYPD has gotten the's not illegal for a woman to be topless in NYC.

Photo Credit: Getty Images