(John Del Signore) The former dean of the Business of Sports School in midtown Manhattan resigned in May after investigators began probing allegations that he had sex with four female students ranging in age from 19 to 16. Officials say Malik Taylor, 31, admitted to the inappropriate sexual relations (which, in one case, counts as statutory rape because the victim was 16 at the time) and also confessed to sexually harassing other students, and even asked one of them to buy pot for him.

The investigation began after one student informed an adviser that she had "been involved in a sexual relationship" with Taylor and that he had been "dating" other students. Another student told school officials that Taylor "told her to walk away from him because he wanted to see her 'ass shake' and that he asked [her] to be his wife." That student also told investigators that Taylor held a door for her at a stairwell and said "there’s not enough room for me and your big ass.”

The Department of Investigation report [pdf] goes on and on. One unidentified student, 19, says that while she was walking in the cafeteria one day Taylor grabbed her buttocks and explained, “I just had to.” She says he obtained her cell phone number and began barraging her with text messages until she agreed to have sex with him in a Bronx hotel room. Investigators say they had sex at least twice, and Taylor did not use a condom.

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Photo: Lissandra Melo/Shutterstock