(Jen Chung) A Parks Department crew cleaning up the beach in Patchogue, Long Island found a bottle with a message inside it last November. The workers had been cleaning up the mess of debris from Hurricane Sandy when one noticed that the green bottle had a note inside it. The message had a NYC phone number, so parks employee Brian Waldron called it—and discovered that the bottle had been thrown into the water 12 years ago by a 10-year-old girl who died a few years ago at age 18.

According to the AP, the note was written by Sidonie Fery, who paraphrased Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Be excellent to yourself, dude." She threw the note off a Long Island shore it's believed the bottle only traveled about a mile. Sidonie died in 2010 when she fell off a cliff in Switzerland, where she attended boarding school.

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Photo: Boyan Dimitrov/Shutterstock