Tribeca residents in a luxury apartment building are up in arms over a man who secretly photographed them and is now using his photographs for an art exhibit. The New York Post is reporting that artist Arne Svenson secretly took photos of residents in the building and is now selling them for up to $7,500 each at an art gallery.

According to the NY Post, Svenson would photograph his neighbors through their windows doing everyday things such as taking naps, taking their kids to bed, and bending over to clean. Svenson is selling these photographs at the Julie Saul Gallery in an exhibit called "Neighbors."

Some of the residents who were photographed are now considering legal action against the artist who doesn't see anything wrong with what he has done. Svenson doesn't show any of the people's faces in the photos and he likens what he did to that of a birdwatcher.

Photo: Pjard/Shutterstock