() This morning, a man with an urgent need to get to the Port Authority Bus Terminal ended up punching out a cab driver and taking his cab all the way to NJ, where he was caught after getting literally stuck on a sidewalk.

It all started at 7:20 a.m. when a man approached a taxi cab at Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street, demanding a ride to the Port Authority. The Bergen Record reports, "Sensing something was wrong, a female passenger in the NYCT cab fled while the man, who police have not yet identified, pulled the driver from the car and punched and beat him, [Lt. Thomas] Rowe said." (The NY Times says it's unclear if the suspect had been in the cab or outside it.)

So then the suspect stole the cab, taking it up the West Side Highway, crossing the George Washington Bridge into NJ. However, the cab was found via its GPS system, and when it hit Palisades Park, the Palisades Park police were called. The cab then entered the town of Leonia as it was being pursued. The pressure apparently got to the driver, who drove it onto a sidewalk, getting the vehicle stuck between a traffic light and store at Broad Avenue and Fort Lee Road. People ran out of the way from the car, and the driver tried to flee but police were able to tackle him. He also "butted" a police officer during processing at the Leonia police station.

Rowe noted that the suspect was stopped just before another intersection highly trafficked by students, "It’s our busiest school crossing... This occurred at 8:20 in our town, if this was at 8:30 there’s no question in my mind there would’ve been several kids and parents that would’ve been run over by this vehicle." The suspect was arrested—he'll face numerous charges in NYC and NJ—and he's been identified at Brian Charles Ambrose, 40, of Texas.

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