Congressman Peter King joined John Gambling this morning to discuss yesterday's tragic bombings in Boston, and give the latest security updates for New York.

"I had two top secret classified briefings late last week on all the possible threats against the U.S., and this never came up," King told the morning show after John asked if he had heard any chatter in the days leading up to the marathon.

Congressman King also noted that it is important to remember that the United States isn't in the clear from terrorism from overseas - in particular, Al Qaeda.

"We can't let our guard down. For instance, the President was saying during the campaign that the war with Al Qaeda is pretty much over, that Al Qaeda has been defeated," he said.
"No - as far as Al Qaeda, they are in many ways more powerful than they were on 9/11 because they've been chastisized, they've morphed, they've spread themselves out, they're adapting and using new tactics."

In addition, King also commented on the backlash that could result from questioning a Saudi man behind closed doors in the hospital in Boston.

"Police can't allow themseves to be put into a position where they back out of an investigation because theyre afraid of being called biased or a profilist," he said firmly.

Listen to this morning's interview with Congressman Peter King below: