Joe Lhota, the front runner on the Republican side of NYC's mayoral race, wasted no time setting his sights on Democratic front runner Bill de Blasio. During Sunday's final Republican mayoral debate heard here on WOR 710, Lhota said de Blasio is running a campaign based on "class warfare."

During the debate Lhota was asked by Mayor Bloomberg's controversial comments about de Blasio where the mayor said de Blasio was using class warfare and his biracial family to appeal to voters.

"I don't think Bill de Blasio is running a racially motivated campaign. However, I have said I do believe he's running a campaign based on class warfare," Lhota said. "Instead of talking about a tale of two cities, why don't we be positive about what we're doing?"

Lhota continued to set the stage for a possible showdown between him and de Blasio saying, ""I don't want to be a mayor who separates people apart. There's no room in this city for racial divisions. There's no room in this city for division whatsoever."

Lhota's Republican opponent John Catsimatidis echoed Lhota's criticism of de Blasio's campaign. "I know [de Blasio] as a friend. He is radical and he is wrong," Catsimatidis said. "Some other candidates many years ago tried to say 'a tale of two cities.' This is one city. We all work together. We all live together. We should not tear apart our city with that kind of action."

Photo Credit: Getty Images